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The publisher’s note reads… ” i know everytime i read a woman’s writing that touches me, i am that much stronger and firmer in believing i could make this world better, not just through my writing but through my activism and just by being me. If other people can do that for me then i know i can do that for people” - Suheir Hammad: Guava Shaki.  This book was cleansing…. 
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Daughter of Amenophis IV or Akhenaten (1351-1334), Egyptian, limestone/ red paint.

This female head has an elongated skull, and is probably a child of Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten (1351-1334 BCE). The eye is hollow for inlaying. The piece is broken across the neck, and is a forgery executed in the 18th Dynasty, Amarna Period style.

Courtesy & currently located at the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, USA.


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A.H. 1039/ A.D. 1630Iran, IsfahanOpaque watercolor, ink, and gold on paper
Riza-yi ‘Abbasi

ocean pyramids

(Source: nabildo)

Benin Empire, 16th-19th century
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Austin Osman Spare - I & Myself in Yoga. 1905

Trees, Sky, Galactic Eye 
Credit & Copyright: Luc Perrot 

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